Pyramex 4 Point Cap Style Hard Hats with RATCHET Suspension (All Colors)

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Pyramex 4 Point Safety Caps With Ratchet Suspension


The Pyramex cap style hard hat with ratchet suspension is ideal for environments that require moderate impact protection. The cap style is a dependable, versatile design, and it can be used for many types of work. Unlike some of our other products, these hard hats have a ratchet suspension.

Since the suspension is the backbone of every hard hat, it’s important to make sure you’re using a high-quality model. A typical suspension can have four, six or eight points. A larger number of points help to spread out the force of an impact. It’s always a good idea to replace suspensions every year.

The Pyramex cap style hard hats with ratchet suspensions are top choices because the ratchet suspensions are very easy to adjust. For proper adjustment of a ratchet suspension, all that you need to do is turn a small knob. As the knob turns, it locks the suspension around your head and gives the hard hat a great fit. Most of these hard hats come equipped with a 4-point suspension, so they’re quite effective at absorbing impact force.

No worker wants to get hit by a falling object, but it does feel good to know that you’ll be protected if it ever happens. The Pyramex cap style hard hats feature a low-profile design, so you can actually feel good while wearing them. Each hat has a shell made of HDPE, so they’re effective at protecting your head from moderate impacts.

The cap style isn’t as protective as a full brim, but it provide a level of protection that is sufficient for a wide range of hazardous work environments.

Our Pyramex cap style hard hats with ratchet suspension are easy to adjust and come with universal accessory slots. They have replaceable brow pads and can accommodate chin straps. If you frequently work in heavy rain, these hard hats will transport rain away from your face and increase visibility.

  • Adjusting is made effortless with the Ratchet Suspension.
  • Painless fastening of cap mounted chinstraps and earmuffs is made possible by the universal accessory slots.
  • Comes with a remove-able and wash-able brow pad.
  • Shell has been made from High Density Polyethylene
  • Available is many colors in stock
  • Available in sizes 6.5 to 8 inches
  • Meets ANSI regulations Z89.1-2014. Class E, Type 1 hard hat
  • Also Meets Canada Z79.1-05
SKU ~ HP14110   Pyramex
4 Point Cap Style Hard Hat
With RATCHET Suspension
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