PVC Gloves with Rough Finish and Knit Wrist (Sold by Dozen) Men's Size Only

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Black PVC Gloves
Rough Finish and Knit Wrist
We carry a wide range of PVC gloves. The gloves that we have available on this page are made with a rough finish. They've been dipped in PVC, so they make it easier to grip slippery items. The PVC material makes these products great for most applications that call for chemical resistance.

These particular gloves have a knit wrist, and they're sold by the dozen. The knit wrist is a useful feature because it prevents unwanted debris from entering the gloves. Since they have a rough PVC finish, these gloves perform well in wet environments. The rough PVC lets you grip the slipperiest items and get the job done.

The pimpled PVC exterior provides more gripping strength than what you'd get from a smooth finish. The interior of each glove is made of cotton interlocking lining, so it provides great comfort and warmth. An additional benefit of the cotton lining is perspiration absorption.

When wearing these gloves, you won't have to work with sweaty hands. To give you the best fit, these gloves are molded to fit the contours of your hands. The PVC material delivers superior chemical resistance and protects your hands against a variety of chemicals.
Features and Notes
  • Rough PVC exterior provides maximum gripping power
  • Interior is made of cotton interlocking lining for perspiration absorption and comfort
  • Molded to provide the best fit
  • Great for the oil and gas industries
  • Ideal for greasy environments
  • Colored black
  • Notes:
    • Available in men's sizes only
    • Prices shown are per dozen.
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Slipper Material Handling
  • Fish Handling
  • Petroleum Gasoline Industry
SKU ~ 1007R
Black PVC Gloves
Rough Finish and Knit Wrist
(Sold by Dozen)
Men's Size Only


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