PVC Gloves 14 inch with Sandpaper Finish (Sold by Dozen) Men's Size Only

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Black PVC Gloves
14 Inch ~ Sandpaper Finish
Our PVC gloves are very popular because they're high-quality products. They're also incredibly useful. The products on this page are made with a sandpaper finish, so the interior is quite rough. The rough finish is part of the design and makes it much easier to grip slippery objects.

The sandpaper finish makes these work gloves ideal for petroleum, heating oil and battery handling. The exterior of each glove is made with a fine grit and feels very similar to sandpaper. You'll find that the exterior texture is useful for gripping and transporting slippery items.

The PVC coating performs best in wet and oily environments, so if your work consists of these conditions, consider getting some of these popular gloves. These gloves are double dipped in PVC, so they end up with a thick, durable coating of PVC. The light cotton interlocking lining delivers exceptional comfort and keeps your hands warm.

Each glove is made with a length of 14 Inches, so it offers great coverage and protection. Our PVC gloves are regularly used for applications that involve slippery substances. The PVC coating provides excellent chemical resistance and performs well in the gas and oil industries.
Features and Notes
  • Length of each glove is 14 Inches
  • Sandpaper finish consists of fine grit
  • Exterior texture is perfect for gripping slippery items
  • Performs well in wet environments
  • Double dipped for a thick PVC coating
  • Great for handling heating oil, petroleum and batteries
  • Notes:
    • Available in men's sizes only
    • Prices shown are per dozen.
  • Gas and Oil Handling
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Petroleum Handling
  • Battery Handling
  • Heating Oil Handling
SKU ~ 1027RF
Black PVC Gloves
14 Inch ~ Sandpaper Finish
(Sold by Dozen)
Men's Size Only


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