Polypropylene Lab Jacket WHITE with 3 Pockets, Snap Front, Knit Collar and Cuffs (30 per pack) ~ Size Small

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Sontara® is a spunlaced, non-woven fabric that is finished with a unique treatment that provides excellent splash protection. Garments constructed of Sontara® fabric are strong and durable, yet offer outstanding comfort, softness, wearability, and the attractive appearance of a conventional woven fabric.

Sontara® garments repel liquids and protect the worker without sacrificing mobility and comfort. Sontara® is lightweight and resistant to tears and punctures

Our polypropylene lab jackets are popular garments. They come with three built-in pockets, so you'll have plenty of room to carry important items. For the best fit, they have a snap front and knit collar. You'll find that even the cuffs are designed for an optimal fit.

They're sold in packs of 30 and can be purchased in several different sizes. These polypropylene Sontara® lab jackets can be used for several different purposes. The Sontara® fabric is what makes them unique, and it's a non-woven, spun-laced fabric that has been given a special treatment.

The special treatment that is applied to each jacket provides excellent splash protection. The jackets that are made of Sontara® material are durable, strong and comfortable. Although they're built to be strong, they offer incredible softness to the wearer. They're particularly enjoyable to wear because they give off the appearance of conventional woven fabric, which makes them look very stylish.

All Sontara® garments are great at repelling liquids, and they don't sacrifice comfort and mobility. The Sontara® material makes a great lab jacket because it's lightweight and resists punctures and tears. If you need reliable protection against fluids, these lab coats should be considered.
  • Made of non-woven, spun-laced Sontara® fabric
  • Features unique treatment for maximum splash protection
  • Exceptional softness
  • Superior fluid protection without sacrificing comfort and mobility

SKU ~ T3700-55-SM
Lab Jacket
3 Pockets, Snap Front,
Knit Collar and Cuffs ~ Size Small
Sizing Chart
Height Weight(lbs) Size
6'8" 240-300 4XL
6'6" 220-300 3XL/4XL
6'4" 180-280 2XL/3XL
6'2" 160-250 XL/2XL
6' 160-250 XL/2XL
5'10" 130-200 L/XL
5'8" 130-220 L/XL
5'6" 110-200 M/L
5'4" 110-180 S/M
5'2" 110-180 S/M
5' 110-140 S


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