Pelican Headsup 2620 Round 3 LED Light

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Pelican Heads Up
Light #2620 LED

The Pelican Headsup 2620 round 3 LED light can be used to illuminate the darkness. You can attach it directly to your head, or you can wear it around your hard hat. Although it’s lightweight, it can produce significantly more light than products that have a bigger size. If you’re looking for a comfortable hard hat light, you should consider getting the Pelican 2620.

It can be worn with baseball caps and hard hats. To deliver an incredible amount of illumination, this light uses three powerful LEDs. Since many applications require light at a distance, the Pelican 2620 features an Xenon light beam. When set to the high setting, this product produces a whopping 26 Lumens. If you decide to set it to the lowest power setting, it still produces 14 Lumens.

A multi-angle pivoting head lets you adjust the Pelican’s light beam and aim it wherever you need the light. It comes with a rubber strap, so you can attach it to hard hats, helmets and baseball caps. If you want to attach this hands-free light directly to your head, you can use the included cloth strap.

It comes with the required batteries and features a very useful pivoting head. Each Pelican 2620 light has one Xenon bulb and three LED bulbs, so it can deliver enough light for most work and home applications. You can use this light to get work done and benefit from the increased visibility that it has to offer.

Features Include:
  • High setting produces 26 Lumens
  • Features powerful Xenon bulb
  • Uses three LED bulbs for serious light output
  • Two different power settings
  • Batteries Included
  • Multi Light Control.
  • Pivoting Head
  • Very Bright LED lights
  • 3 LED and 1 Xenon Bulb
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Round 3 LED Light


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