ORANGE Polychord Glove with Black Dots on One Side (Sold by Dozen)

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Polychord Gloves
Black Dots on One Side
Here we have some more of our orange polychord gloves. With black PVC dots on one side, they're ideal for applications that require a strong grip. They're made from a blend of premium cotton and polyester materials. We recommend using these gloves for the oil drilling industry.

Since they're made with 18 ounces of material, they're strong enough for tough applications. With a knit wrist, they fit better and offer better protection for your wrists. The blend of materials for each glove consists of 80 percent polyester and 20 percent cotton.

These polychord gloves are sized for men and have an exterior that resists dirt and oil. The special exterior makes them especially useful for work in oil fields. The PVC dots are also important features because they make it easier to grip oily objects.

We recommend these products for wet environments, and they're also very useful for workplaces that call for extra visibility. If you frequently work in low-light environments, these are great gloves to consider purchasing. They're perfect for general oilfield work, ranching and farming. Many of our customers use them for gardening, maintenance and building.
Features and Notes
  • Created with a premium blend of polyester and cotton
  • PVC dots on one side increase grip and protection
  • Perfect for general oilfield work
  • Made with 18 ounces of material
  • Knit wrist for additional protection and comfort
  • Designed to fit most men
  • High-visibility design is great for low-light environments
  • Notes:
    • Available in Men's sizes only.
    • Prices shown are per dozen.
  • General Oilfield Work
  • Improved Grip
  • Farming / Ranching
  • Building / Maintenance
  • Gardening / Home Uses
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Polychord Gloves
Black Dots on One Side
(Sold by the Dozen)


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