Glove Guard

Open Mesh Utility Guard End 7 inch x 10 inch Blaze Orange

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Glove Guard
Blaze Orange Mesh Utility Bags
7 Inch x 10 Inch
Utility Guard End
The open mesh utility pouches that we have on this page have a slightly bigger capacity than our smaller blaze orange pouches. They deliver all of the same benefits that you get from our smaller bags, but they offer a larger capacity. These bags come equipped with a utility clip end and can be attached to a belt loop. Unlike some of our similar products, these bags have a different hook on the end piece.

If you're looking for a convenient way to carry your safety items and tools, consider getting these pouches. Since they keep important items close, they're especially useful for workers who frequently work on ladders. They're made in the United States and don't contain metal parts. Since there are no metal parts, these products don't conduct electricity and will never suffer from corrosion.

These pouches have a built-in safety feature, which is designed to protect you from injury. Each pouch has a breakaway center, so if it ever gets caught in heavy machinery, it will break away and prevent your body from getting dragged into the machinery.

You might also consider getting these larger mesh utility bags because they have open weaves, which let air reach small tools and gas monitors. Although they're commonly used to carry safety gloves, these pouches can be used to keep a variety of important tools on hand.
  • Open weaves let air flow in
  • Keep safety gloves on hand
  • Breakaway feature prevents serious injury or death
  • No metal parts eliminates corrosion and electrocution issues
  • Slightly larger than our smaller blaze orange utility pouches
Glove Guard
Blaze Orange Mesh Utility Bags
7 Inch x 10 Inch
Utility Guard End


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