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Oil Rigger's Harness Kit (Four D-Ring) 3XL Size

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Elk River®
Oil Riggers Harness Kit
4 D-Rings ~ 3XL Size
 Four D-ring SaddleMaster-Style Harness 
Anyone who's involved with oil rigging knows that it can be very dangerous. The Elk River® Oil Rigger's harness kit can reduce the level of danger involved and make workers feel safer. For superior fall protection, the harness in each kit comes with four D-rings.

These kits are available in several different sizes, so it's easy to find the best kits for most workers. The Master Series™ comes from Elk River® and provides an entirely new level of fall protection. The Master Series™ serves as the concept for a total work system.

These kits combine a variety of components, so oil riggers can get the best protection for their work. There is a full-featured harness, which is the main component. The kit also comes with a tool belt, so workers can carry important tools with them. For optimal support, the kit includes a four-inch anti-fatigue back pad.

The Master Series™ is designed to give workers a multifunctional work system inside of a single kit. If you decide to purchase these kits, you'll get indoor pads, adjustable indoor straps, tongue buckles on the leg straps and a four D-ring SaddleMaster™ harness. For convenience, all of these components are packed up inside of a carry-all bag, so workers can take the Master Series kit anywhere.

CSA Classifications
Group A - Full Arresting
Group P - Worker Positioning

USA Industry Classifications
FA - Fall Arrest
FP - Fall Prevention
PO - Positioning
  • Four D-ring harness for maximum protection
  • Comes with indoor pads
  • Has tongue buckles on the leg straps
  • Removable tool belt
  • Ideal for oil riggers
  • Packed inside of a carry-all bag
  • Can be used for many other applications
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Elk River®
Oil Riggers Harness Kit
4 D-Rings ~ 3XL
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