Occunomix Multifunctional Winter Gaiter FR Charcoal Black

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Multifunctional Winter Gaiter
FR Charcoal Black

These are sold out of stock for the Winter of 2018


If you’re looking for great garments to complete your winter work wardrobe, consider the Occunomix multifunctional winter gaiters. These products are sold in a Charcoal Black color, so they’ll look good with all other garments. Each gaiter is made with 100 percent polyester microfiber, which means it’s soft and protective.

When working in cold weather, you need to stay warm, but it’s also important to stay comfortable. Since these gaiters are made with comfortable materials, they’ll keep you comfortable, warm and dry. The greatest benefit is the fact that you can wear them 10 different ways. The diagram on this page shows you every different way to wear the gaiter.

Many workers prefer to wear their gaiter under a hard hat, so they get essential impact protection from the hard hat, and the gaiter helps them to stay warm. The gaiters are commonly worn on the top of the head, but they can even be worn around the wrist or neck.

You should consider the conditions you’ll be working in and determine the best location to wear the gaiter. By doing this, you’ll be able to get the maximum level of warmth from the garment. In terms of value for the money, these gaiters are some of the best products that we carry. They’re made with material that is comfortable, warm and flexible.

  • Can be worn 10 different ways for maximum customization
  • Super-stretch material delivers great fit
  • Made of 100 percent polyester for superior warmth and durability

SKU ~ TNG-FR   Occunomix
Multifunctional Winter Gaiter
FR Charcoal Black


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