Nylon Grey Seemless Knit with Nitrile Coated Palm on one side (Sold by Dozen) - All Sizes

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Nylon Grey Seamless Knit
Nitrile Coated Palm On One Side
The gloves that we have on this page are made of grey nylon seamless knit. For improved chemical resistance, they have a palm that is coated with nitrile. However, only one side of the gloves is coated. These gloves offer some of the best abrasion resistance that you can get.

They're made of 15-gauge seamless nylon, which reduces discomfort and hand fatigue. The nylon material features a dark color, so it makes dirt and grime much less visible. The nylon material also prolongs the life of the glove, so you can wear it for longer periods of time and avoid purchasing new gloves every week.

The nitrile coating offers great chemical resistance, and it covers the palm and fingertips of every glove. Wirth a nitrile coating, these gloves help to protect your hands against cuts and scrapes.

They also provide a better grip, so they're excellent products to consider for assembly, material handling and general industrial work. Since the wrist and back of every glove is made of nylon, your hands will stay cool and comfortable. The nylon material provides better breathability than some other materials.
Features and Notes
  • Nylon material is breathable and durable
  • 15-guage seamless nylon shell reduces discomfort and hand fatigue
  • Dark color hides accumulated grime and dirt
  • Nitrile coating covers fingertips and palm
  • Protects against cuts and scrapes
  • Improved grip
  • Great for material handling and assembly
  • Notes:
    • Prices shown are per dozen.
  • General Industrial Work
  • Material Handling
  • Assembly
  • Oil and Gas
  • Packaging/Handling
  • General Maintenance
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Nylon Grey Seamless Knit
Nitrile Coated Palm On One Side
(Sold by Dozen)


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