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Multi-Use Dispenser - 4 Compartment

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Multi-Use Dispenser
4 Compartments
 Since we understand the importance of disposable safety products, we stock a number of different dispensers. Many of our products have one, two or three compartments, but if you need even more storage space, we carry four-compartment, multi-use dispensers.

These dispensers have a total of four compartments, so they're capable of holding four different types of disposable products. Each serves a multi-functional purpose and might be used to store hair nets, earplugs, finger cots, small parts and wipe jackets.

Although these are some of the most common items that are stored in the four-compartment dispensers, you can use them for many other disposable products. These products feature a hinged lid, which makes refilling quick and effortless.

The lid also makes it easy to remove products that you want to replace or swap out. These dispensers are commonly used in a freestanding position but can also be mounted to a wall. They'll work great for a wide range of workplaces, and they keep important disposables in an accessible, convenient location, so workers can always get to them.

  • Great for finger cots, hair nets and wipe packets
  • Can be mounted to the wall or used freestanding
  • Hinged lid makes reloading and removal of disposables quick and easy
  • Works great for all types of disposables
  • Dimensions ~ 11" W X 7" H X 11"D
  • Standard orders ship from Oregon in 1-2 days.
  • Large quantity orders ship in approximately 5-7 days.

SKU ~ AK-244
Multi-Use Dispenser
4 Compartments


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