MSDS Binder, Yellow Over-the-Seat, 3-Ring Binder, Notebook, Clipboard Rack

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MSDS Binder
Yellow Over-the-Seat
3-Ring Binder, Notebook, Clipboard Rack
We stock several different types of racks, and they're designed for different purposes. The racks that are available on this page are great for hanging over the seat in your truck. Once installed, these racks are great for holding three-ring binders, clipboard and notebooks, but you can use them for a variety of purposes.

For improved style and visibility, these racks are colored bright yellow. Since they're made to sit over your seat, they take only seconds to install. If you've been looking for a way to increase the storage capacity of your vehicle, these racks can help.

They're frequently used to store estimating sheets, clipboards and important documents. A lot of people end up tossing important documents into the back seat because they don't want to leave papers on the front seat. This can lead to torn documents and missed appointments.

Each rack is a much better place to store documents than the back seat. You can choose to install the rack on the front or back of the seat. These bright yellow racks are designed with the perfect size for binders, notebooks and clipboards.
  • Bright yellow for better visibility
  • Frequently used to hold clipboards, notebooks and three-ring binders
  • Instantly creates more storage space inside of your vehicle
  • Can be attached to the front or back of the seat
Inside: 8.25" High x 13.25" Wide x 4.25" Deep
Outside: 8.75" High x 13.75" Wide x 9.25" Deep
SKU ~ RE3006
MSDS Binder
Yellow Over-the-Seat
3-Ring Binder, Notebook, Clipboard Rack


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