MSA V-Gard Cap Style Universal Faceshield Adapter

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MSA Cap Style
Universal Faceshield Adapter

The MSA V-Gard cap style universal face shield adapter gives you several more options than some of the other adapters. The greatest difference is that this universal adapter is compatible with virtually any cap style hard hat. Since these adapters use a strong rubber strap that fits around the back, they don’t require your hard hats to have slots in them.

Like other adapters, this universal model has a feature for debris control. The feature is useful because it prevents moisture, particles and contaminants from finding their way under the face shield. After you’ve installed this adapter correctly, you can use it to hold the MSA face shield with part number 10115836.

The adapter is very useful because it lets you raise or lower your face shield. There are several different features that make this adapter one of the best adapters on our site. For starters, the visor makes it very easy to change face shields.

The MSA V-Gard cap style universal face shield adapters can be used with earmuffs or without them. Since they can also be used with half-mask respirators, they’re ideal for many different work environments. There are no metal parts included, and there is even a feature that prevents debris from getting under your visor.

  • Feature for debris control seals space between the frame and helmet
  • Doesn’t use metal parts
  • Compatible with half-mask respirators
  • Compatible with earmuffs
  • For use on hard hats with or without slots, a heavy-duty rubber strap is included
  • Visor is easy to exchange face shields.
SKU ~ 10115822   MSA V-Gard
Cap Style
Universal Faceshield Adapter
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