MSA Skull Guard Full Brim Hard Hats - Ratchet Suspensions (Factory Colors)

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MSA Skull Gard Full Brim Fiberglass Hard Hats
With Fas-Trac III Ratchet Suspensions


Texas America Safety Company is now offering a full selection of Skullgard Full Brim hard hats with Fas-Track III Ratchet Suspension in many colors.  The Natural Tan and the White are direct from the factory; however, we now have a service to add many other colors.  The colors will not fade over time and coated with a coating of gloss to protect and make them extra shiny.  The special color hard hats will cost $10.00 extra due to the time and labor to produce the custom hats.

A number of work environments expose workers to large amounts of radiant heat. Without proper protection, large amounts of radiant heat can be dangerous. The MSA Skull Guard™ full brim hard hats are ideal for these environments. Since they’re made from durable fiberglass, these helmets can withstand temperatures that standard hard hats cannot. 

Fiberglass is a great material for hot worksites because it reflects heat. However, it also offers some level of impact protection. Many standard hard hats are made with plastic strips, but these hard hats are made with strips of fiberglass, which provide great resistance against heat. The MSA Skull Guard™ full brim hard hats are designed to offer protection in a wide range of industries.

They’re especially useful for the welding, building construction and ship building industries. These helmets are available with FAS-TRAC™ and STAZ-ONSTAZ-ON™ suspensions. This version is the Fas-Trac III ratchet Suspensions. With a full brim design, these helmets provide significantly more protection than standard hard hats. Since they also meet or exceed Type 1 safety requirements, they can be worn in work environments that call for this level of safety.

The MSA Skull Guard™ fiberglass hard hats can withstand temperatures up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, so they’re ideal for work environments that expose employees to high levels of radiant heat. These hard hats are available in white and tan colors, and they feature a smooth crown design.

The hats that are colored tan have strips of resin inside of them. The strips give the helmets a natural tan color and give them an appearance that is easy on the eyes. Due to the manufacturing process, every helmet is unique and has slight color variances. These slight differences are part of the manufacturing process and shouldn’t be viewed as defects.

  • Each product features a smooth crown
  • Choose from white and natural tan colors
  • Can withstand temperatures no greater than 350 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Meet or exceed Type 1 safety requirements for top impacts
  • Full brim design delivers superior protection for hazardous work environments
  • Full Brim feature offers more protection from the work environment.
  • Skull Guard Caps and Hats meet or exceed the applicable requirements for a Type I helmet (top impact) as outlined in ANSI Z89.1 2014,Class G electrical-low voltage)
  • 350°F is maximum temperature for these hard hats.
  • Available in a white or natural tan color
  • Smooth Crown design
The tan color is made of strips of resin that give the Skull Guard Hard Hats a natural brown color.
Each hat is somewhat unique and each curve on the hard hat can have color variances in the fiberglass. This is normal with the hats and not a defect with the manufacturing

The White Skull Guard hardhats come with a tan inside and white outside.
Variations have been covered by the outside being painted.
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MSA Skullgard
Full Brim Hard Hats

With Fas-Trac III

Ratchet Suspensions


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    Posted by Unknown on Apr 4th 2017

    Great fit, light weight, comfortable. Arrived as stated.