MSA Full Brim C1 Vented Hard Hats with 4 Point Ratchet Suspensions - Blue

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MSA C1 Full Brim Vented Hard Hats
With 4 Point Ratchet Suspensions ~ Blue

The new MSA C1 Full Brim offers the latest venting technology to provide a cooler hard hat for the user when working in high temperatures. The patent pending Reflector thermal barrier keeps the inside of the hard hat up to 20 degrees cooler in sunny conditions.  The hard hat comes with the Fastrac III type of suspension but also comes with an extra moisture wicking sweatband that can be installed for additional cooling and comfort. There are 3 cooling vents located on the front left and another 3 on the front right of the hard hat.  In addition there are 6 cooling vents on the top back of the hard hat.


These MSA C1 hard hats also offer 12 percent more coverage that the standard MSA V-Gard full brim and comes with venting for enhanced airflow and cooling.  In addition, the hard hats have a textured brim around the very tips of the hard hat for added grip and donning and removing the hard hat.  The hats are adjustable to fit adults with head sizes 6.5 to a size 8. At this time this is the only size available in this hard hat.  The shell is made of durable HDPE material and comes with an absorbent, soft sweatband.

Lastly, these hard hats meet ANSI safety regulations for a Type 1 class C hard hat.   If you frequently work in hot outdoor environments, these hats can give you the protection and ventilation that you need to stay productive and comfortable. 

V-Gard Advance Hats are MSA's latest combination of advanced features:
  • Cooling vents increase ventilation and cool off the head
  • 4-point adjustable ratchet suspension is fast and comfortable
  • The hat has 12 cooling vents that allow air circulation as an added measure of comfort.
  • Sizes: standard 6-1/2” to 8”
  • Comes with texture brim for added grip
  • USA Approvals
    • ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2014 (Class C, Type I) = vented

SKU ~ 10215830   MSA C1 with 12 Vents Full Brim
Ratchet Suspension Blue
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