Moldex SparkPlug Plug Station (500 Uncorded Earplugs)

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Moldex® SparkPlug™
Plug Station
(500 Uncorded Earplugs)
These Moldex® Sparkplug™ plug stations can hold as many 500 uncorded earplugs, and they can be placed in convenient locations. These stations increase compliance because they're extremely visible, so workers never have trouble finding hearing protection.  The stations can be mounted to a wall, or left on table or shelf.

If you decide to use these convenient plug stations, you can make sure workers get the earplugs required for the job. These stations are disposable and sealed, so they're some of the best choices for hygiene. Once a station runs out of product, you can quickly replace it with a new station. Each station contains earplugs that have an NRR rating of 33.

This is the highest rating that you can get from independent testing, so these plugs provide plenty of hearing protection for the loudest environments. Since each dispenser comes with earplugs, you won't have to purchase these products separately.

By using these plug stations, you can provide workers with convenient access to earplugs, and it won't cost you an enormous amount of money to do it. The Moldex® Sparkplug™ stations are highly visible and can be seen by workers from any position. For effortless dispensing, these products use a convenient clicking mechanism.
  • Not made with PVC material
  • Station comes with earplugs inside
  • Visible design is noticeable from a distance
  • Sealed, disposable and recyclable
  • Suitable for any hearing conservation program

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Moldex® SparkPlug™
Plug Station
(500 Uncorded Earplugs)
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