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Metal Poster Frame 18 x 24 inch

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Metal Poster Frame
18 x 24 inch
Many customers are happy with our economy poster frames, but for those who're seeking additional durability, our metal poster frames could be the perfect solution. Although they're made of durable metal, the poster frames on this page are very affordable.

They serve as inexpensive ways to display important safety posters. If you've just purchased one of our popular safety posters and have no way to display it within your workplace, these metal frames are top products to consider. These frames are quite inexpensive but deliver a custom look.

They're made from high-quality metal and have cardboard backing. They even come with the hangers that you'll need to hang them in the workplace. Our customers order these frames often because they can arrive fully assembled.

They even come with a clear plastic sheet front, which is designed to protect the poster. You can use these frames to display posters in a prominent location, and there is enough space inside of each frame to hold an extra 10 posters. Our metal poster frames are black and made to hold posters that are 18 by 24 inches.
  • Display important posters prominently
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Inexpensive but features a custom look
  • Comes with clear plastic sheet to protect poster
  • Has enough space to store an extra 10 posters
  • This frame will fit posters up to 18" x 24".
  • Attractive Black Color
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Metal Poster Frame
18 x 24 inch


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