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M-Pact Gloves
Black Color
The Mechanix® M-Pact™ gloves on this page are black in color. They're available in several different sizes and have been designed from scratch. Since the Mechanix® M-Pact™ gloves have been redesigned from scratch, they're offer better overall coverage than alternative products.

Like other products from Mechanix®, these gloves offer unmatched protection, functionality and durability. These gloves are versatile and can be used for a variety of different tasks. The new M-Pact™ gloves are commonly used for shooting, construction, aircraft maintenance and special operations.

However, they're also ideal for logistics operations, heavy equipment handling and mechanic work. They're made with an Impact Guard, which has been added to the first knuckle. It consists of EVA foam that has been covered with rubberized gripping material. For maximum impact protection, this material has been added to the fingers and knuckle. A second layer of material has been added, and it consists of 2mm PORON XRD™. This is a very useful material because it absorbs vibrations and impacts.

It's especially useful when you're working long shifts because it reduces hand fatigue. The Mechanix® M-Pact™ gloves have extra material in critical areas, which prolongs the lifespan and increases the durability of the material. There is even TrekDry™ fabric on the back portion of each glove.
Features and Notes:
  • Features a palm made of durable synthetic leather
  • Impact Guard protects fingers and knuckle against impacts
  • TrekDry™ stretch fabric added to the back of each glove
  • Rubberized grip material has been added to the index fingers and thumb
  • Great for shooting, vehicle inspections and logistics operations
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M-Pact Gloves
Black Color
Sold by the Pair


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