Mechanix DuraHide Framer Glove Black (Pair) Size Medium

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The new Mechanix Durahide Framer glove is designed with practical features such as partial fingerless design and high-flow ventilation. Get the Mechanix Wear Commercial Grade Framer Gloves for demanding days of labor! Mechanix Wear has taken the real-world demands of framers, added the technology learned at the racetrack, and integrated the two into a single glove that will blow away anything you've come to expect from a framer's glove.  

The M-Pact® Leather Framer glove is designed to provide professional carpenters with a functional fingerless design that delivers more dexterity when measuring, cutting and framing structures. The Framer’s fingerless design frees your thumb, index and middle fingers so you can handle your arsenal of tools with precision and control. XRD® palm padding is designed to absorb impact and vibration when you’re in full swing. The glove is constructed with DuraHide™ leather and flexible thermoplastic rubber to protect the back of your hands from impact injuries or the occasional hammer strike. Imported



  • Protective, Flexible, Comfortable
  • The index and middle finger have been made with a fingerless design to give maximum sensitivity when handling nails or other small items. 
  • Pinky and ring finger tips are protected by double-layer Genuine Leather. Genuine Leather is also used on the thumb and index finger protection panel providing a genuine measure of protection against abrasions and impact to reduce the amount of fatigue on the hand.
  • Hook and loop closure allows a wide range of motion using tools and wearing a watch while having a low profile style.
  • Anatomically cut padded genuine leather palm articulates for maximum movement while still providing necessary protection against abrasion and fatigue. This allows for unhindered grip when handling slick, smooth objects and hand mobility when range of motion is needed.
  • Embossed and padded top with mesh cuff provide safety and ensure comfort even in hot and humid conditions.

Intended Uses:

  • Multipurpose
  • Framing
  • Construction
  • Carpentry
  • Equipment operation
  • Landscaping
  • DIY/Home improvement



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