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MCR Luminator 40 mm, PVC 2 Piece Class III Rain Coat Yellow with Silver Stripes (All Sizes)

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Ideal for day and night use and anywhere high visibility is a priority.
Want to be Safe? Want to be Seen? Luminate your Day with these Flame Resistant Raincoats tested in accordance with ASTM D6413-08 and NFPA 701.

MCR Safety's Limited Flammability Garments have been tested in accordance with the ASTM D-6413-08 test method. The purpose of this test is to determine whether a fabric will continue to burn after the source of ignition is removed. This is NOT a test for Arc Flash resistance! These garments must not be worn for protection against Arc Flash or Electrical Fire. Before making any recommendations concerning the use of these garments, always inquire as to what ASTM or NFPA test regiments are required for the end user application.
The MCR Luminator® coats on this page are like some of the other products that we carry, but there are some slight differences. The coats on this page are comprised of two pieces, and they meet ANSI Class III specifications. They feature a bright yellow color and have silver stripes.

The material that is used to make these coats has a thickness of .28 MM. You can purchase these coats in several different sizes. These products have HI-VIZ striping and coloring, so they keep workers visible in low-visibility conditions. Since they're limited-flammability coats, they've been tested with the ASTM D-6413-08 method.

This testing is used to find out if a particular fabric will continue burning when the ignition source has been removed. It's important to realize that this test does not include testing for Arc Flash resistance. These garments should not be worn for applications that require protection against electrical fires or Arc Flash.

The MCR Luminator® coats on this page have a corduroy collar, and they're made with reflective material that hasn't been ANSI rated. The whole package consists of a detachable hood and PVC Nylon jacket. Since these garments have limited flammability protection, they shouldn't be used for certain applications.
  • Main material has a thickness of .28 MM
  • Limited flammability protection
  • Reflective material improves visibility but isn't ANSI rated
  • Corduroy collar for better style and functionality
  • Keeps workers visible from a distance

SKU ~  MCR-518C
MCR Luminator
40 mm PVC
2 Piece Class III
Rain Coat Y
ellow with Silver Stripes
Sizing Information
Small   34-36
Medium   38-40
Large   42-44
XL   46-48
2XL   50-52
3XL   54-56
4XL   58-60
5XL   62-64


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