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Kevlar® Gloves with Knit Wrist
Here are some of our lightweight Kevlar® gloves. Each glove has a knit wrist, so you get an extra layer of protection. The knit wrist also helps the gloves to fit better. These gloves are designed with a blend of Kevlar® material. The outside of each glove has Kevlar® fibers, and the inside is made of cotton.

With an interior made of cotton, each glove is very soft and can be worn for long work shifts. The combination of materials makes these gloves flexible, soft and durable. By choosing to purchase these lightweight Kevlar® gloves, you can save some money.

The Kevlar® material used to make these products is five times stronger than steel, so it delivers excellent cut resistance. It's also a very popular material because it doesn't ignite, conduct electricity or melt. These unlined gloves are the economical versions of the heavyweight Kevlar® products.

They deliver excellent cut resistance and manual dexterity. They're reversible and offer better longevity than some of the alternative products. Although they work great as standalone gloves, you can always use these products as glove liners. The materials used to make each glove are FDA approved, so they're commonly used for food processing applications.
Features and Notes
  • Level 3 cut resistance
  • Regularly used for glass handling, canning, metal fabricating and food processing
  • Provides superior cut resistance and manual dexterity
  • Made with Kevlar® material
  • Kevlar® is five times stronger than steel
  • Doesn't conduct electricity, melt or ignite

  • Notes:
    • Prices shown are per dozen.
    • These KEVLAR® fiber products are a string knit mesh design.
      While they are very strong and cut resistant, they are not puncture proof.
  • Canning
  • Food processing
  • Glass handling
  • Metal fabricating
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Kevlar® Gloves with Knit Wrist
(Sold by the Dozen)
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