Latex Disposable Gloves Powder Free (100 gloves) Size X-Large

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Latex Disposable Gloves
Powder Free
(100 Gloves)
Size Small
Our disposable latex gloves deliver the protection that you need and don't cost too much money. The gloves on this page are powder free, so they're great for workers who have a latex allergy. With a length of 9.5 inches, these gloves are designed to cover your hands.

They're reliable examination gloves and can be used for many purposes. Each glove is made of 100 percent latex, so you get the best sensitivity, strength and flexibility available from disposable gloves. These particular gloves aren't powdered, so they're a bit more difficult to put on or remove than our powdered latex gloves.

However, they're still great examination gloves for material handling, food handling and product inspections. Some people have allergic reactions to the powder, so these gloves are ideal for these individuals because they aren't powdered.

They're also ambidextrous, which means each glove can be worn on either hand. One of the greatest benefits of latex is the chemical resistance, and our disposable latex gloves are regularly used for applications that require chemical resistance. Natural latex is extracted from the sap that comes from the rubber tree and delivers the beneficial properties that you'll get from these gloves.
Features and Notes
  • Great medical examination gloves
  • Made with 100 percent latex for superior barrier protection
  • Non-powdered versions prevent allergic reactions
  • Gloves can be worn on either hand
  • Regularly used for pharmaceuticals and product inspections

  • Notes:
    • Prices shown are per box.
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Materials Handling
  • Product Inspections
  • Laboratories
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Food Handling
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Medical Grade
SKU ~ 2800w-XL
Latex Disposable Gloves
Powder Free
(100 Gloves)
(Sold by the Box)
Size X-Large


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