Jackson Tattoo Truesite Welding Hoods

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We carry a wide range of welding hoods, and many of our products are designed for the price conscious. However, the Jackson Tattoo TRUESITE™ welding hoods are in a league of their own. They’re based off of the HALO X™ helmet design, so each helmet weighs no more than six ounces. They have a HYDRAFLEX™ shell, which gives you the best durability and flexibility.

The Duralogic™ metallic paint makes every helmet look incredible and can withstand serious abuse. If you need additional protection, these welding hoods can be attached to a safety cap. They feature a high-impact, balanced design and have several different features to offer.

Each Jackson Tattoo TRUESITE™ welding hood has a control panel and lets you adjust the shade from 5 to 13. You also have the ability to adjust the delay and sensitivity. There are even LED indicator buttons for Grind, Torch and Weld modes, so you can let the helmet know exactly what you’re doing.

To reduce the potential for blockage while welding, there are four independent sensors built into every helmet. You even get a built-in magnification lens, which makes the toughest welds easier. The Jackson Tattoo TRUESITE™ welding hoods have a style that most people will enjoy and deliver essential features for functionality and safety.
HYDRAFLEX™ Helmet Features:
  • Can be worn with hard hat
  • ADF adaptable
  • Shell is made of durable HYDRAFLEX material
  • Lightweight design prevents unwanted neck strain
  • Shell weighs only six ounces

TRUESIGHT* Features:
  • Amber band pass lets you view the welding puddle with unmatched clarity
  • No retainer needed for helmet removal and installation
  • Four independent sensors prevent blockage
  • Large buttons let you switch between Grind, Touch and Weld modes
  • Shades adjustable from 5 to 13
  • Built-in control panel
  • Intuitive, digital control panel
  • Features variable shade 5-13, sensitivity and delay adjustments
  • Large, separate buttons with LED indicator for Weld, Torch and Grind modes
  • Four independent sensors positioned to reduce possibility of blockage during weld
  • Two, easy-to-replace AAA batteries with low indicator light
  • Amber band pass for enhanced clarity of weld puddle
  • No retainer for easy helmet installation and removal
  • Built-in magnification lens
  • Meets ANSI Z87.1-2010 and CSA Z94.3 compliant

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Jackson "Tattoo"
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