Jackson Carbon Fibre Welding Hoods with Shade 10 Lens

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The Jackson carbon fiber welding hoods are sold at an affordable price, and they offer many of the features that you would expect from a welding hood. With a shade 10 lens, these hoods block out enough light to keep your vision safe, but they allow enough light through to let you see what you’re doing. The price of each Jackson carbon fibre welding hood makes it great for buyers who’re price conscious.

With a HYDRAFLEX shell, these helmets deliver the perfect combination of strength and flexibility. The lens makes it easy to see the welding puddle, so you get an unobstructed view of what matters most. The shade 10 polycarbonate filter makes this a great helmet for hobbyists, students and inspectors.

Since they also meet strict ANSI standards, these hoods are ideal for a variety of welding applications. During the welding process, tiny chunks of superheated metal are ejected from the welding area. Without proper protection, these molten chunks of metal can cause severe burns.

If you’re not wearing any welding helmet, molten metal could fly into your eyes and cause blindness. To preserve your vision and avoid severe injuries, it’s important to wear a suitable welding hood. The Jackson carbon fibre welding hoods are designed to prevent injury and facilitate safe welding practices.
  • Great products for hobbyists and students
  • Delivers clear view of the welding puddle
  • Shade 10 polycarbonate filter protects your vision
  • Priced affordably for buyers

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