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Iron Eagle Harness Med Size

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Elk River®
Iron Eagle™ Harness
Medium Size
Our Elk River® Iron Eagle™ harnesses are popular products for fall protection, and they can be purchased in several different sizes. The Eagle Series™ is known for providing superior comfort. They're great harnesses because workers actually enjoy wearing them.

Many safety products are never worn because workers hate wearing them. The way that the Elk River® Eagle Series™ harnesses are designed makes them comfortable enough to wear for a long work shift. To make a workplace safer, worker participation is extremely important, and since workers love wearing these products, the end result is increased safety in the workplace.

The Iron Eagle™ harnesses have three D-rings. There is one D-ring attached to the back, and the other two are attached to each hip. For better support, there are tongue buckles attached to the leg and indoor straps. Each harness comes with a removable tool belt and five-inch padded back pad.

For an even greater level of comfort, each harness has indoor pads attached to it. To make these products nearly perfect, they come in a carry-all bag, so workers will never have trouble carrying them anywhere. The Iron Eagle™ harnesses are some of our top products for fall protection.

CSA Classifications
Group A - Full Arresting
Group P - Worker Positioning

USA Industry Classifications
FA - Fall Arrest
FP - Fall Prevention
PO - Positioning
  • Comes with a tool belt
  • Features indoor pads for extra comfort
  • Three D-rings for excellent protection
  • Leg and indoor straps are equipped with tongue buckles
  • Packaged inside of a convenient carry-all bag
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Elk River®
Iron Eagle™ Harness
Medium Size
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