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Howard Leight Quiet Ear Plugs Corded (100 Count)

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Howard Leight®
Quiet™ Ear Plugs
(100 Count)
High Visibility Protection
The Howard Leight® Quiet™ earplugs are corded, so you can wear them around your neck and enjoy better accessibility. We sell these products in boxes of 100 pairs, and they're some of the best reusable plugs that we carry. Since these products deliver consistent attenuation, they provide all-day hearing protection. They don't require rolling and have a flexible stem built into every plug.

The stem provides superior comfort and makes insertion quick and easy. These plugs are made with smooth skin, so they don't irritate skin. These earplugs can be used several times, and you can clean them with a quick rinse with soapy water.

They feature a noise reduction rating of 32, so they can be used in many noisy settings. With bright cords, these earplugs are much less likely to get lost and can be worn around the neck. They feature a no-roll design, so they're easy to insert into the ear canal.

Once inserted, they'll conform to the shape of the ear canal and provide long-lasting comfort. With a built-in insertion stem, these plugs can be inserted within seconds. If you're looking for high-quality earplugs, the Howard Leight® Quiet™ earplugs are top products to consider.
  • Built-in stem makes insertion quick and easy
  • Smooth skin provides lasting comfort and prevents irritation
  • Cords keep plugs accessible and visible
  • Conforms to the shape of the ear canal
NRR 32 Class A(L)
|SNR 35|SLC80 25 dB/Class 4

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Howard Leight®
Quiet™ Ear Plugs
(100 Count)
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