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Howard Leight QB1 Replacement Pods (Pair)

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Hearing Band
Replacement Pods (Pair)
The Howard Leight® QB1 HYG™ hearing bands are some of our best products. They're very affordable and designed for customers who're exposed to intermittent noise. With an inner-aural fit, these bands offer decent hearing protection.

The pods are smooth and ergonomic, and for the maximum level of protection, they fit inside of the ear canal. The patented design of the QB1 HYG™ banded earplugs prevents the pods from coming into contact with contaminated surfaces. They have several great features to offer.

The ergonomic, smooth pods deliver a level of hearing protection that you won't get from some other types of bands. These bands are actually designed to prevent the pods from touching dirty surfaces, so you don't have to deal with the problems caused by wearing dirty pods. Unlike some of the alternative products, the QB1 HYB hearing bands are portable and lightweight.

They're especially useful for environments that expose workers to intermittent noise hazards. With every purchase, you get a pair of replacement pods, and you always have the option of ordering more replacement pods. These banded earplugs offer an NRR of 27, which is high enough for a wide range of environments.

NRR 27 | SNR 26 | Canada B [L] | SLC80 Class 2
  • Ideal for workers who're exposed to intermittent noise
  • Specifically designed to prevent pods from touching dirty surfaces
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Noise reduction rating of 27
  • Replacement Pods (Pair)

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Howard Leight
QB1 Hearing Band
Replacement Pods (Pair)
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