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Howard Leight Plastic Dispenser Only (No Earplugs Included)

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howard-leight.logo.jpg Howard Leight®
Plastic Dispenser Only
(No Earplugs Included)
The Howard Leight® plastic dispensers on this page don't come with earplugs, but they can deliver the earplugs that workers need. Our Leight Source 400™ ear plug stations work great for disposable earplugs, and they provide workers with convenient access to plugs in any worksite.

Since these dispensers can be used as wall-mount or tabletop models, they serve as earplug sources that are user friendly. To release earplugs, all that users need to do is twist the spout. You can place these dispensers inside of the lunch room or near the shop door.

They make it exceptionally easy for workers to get the earplugs that they need. It even offers instructions that teach workers how to properly insert the plugs. Although these dispensers are made of plastic, they're very durable and can be used in almost any workplace. If you're looking for a convenient way to dispense disposable earplugs, these stations are top products to consider.

For unmatched convenience, they can be used on a tabletop or mounted to a wall. When used on a tabletop, they have balanced footing, so they can stand on their own. To get earplugs from these dispensers, workers must twist a knob. A catch basin prevents the earplugs from falling onto the floor. These dispensers will hold up to 400 pairs of Howard Leight® earplugs.
  • User friendly and convenient
  • Simple twist knob dispenses earplugs
  • Catch basin prevents earplugs from falling onto ground
  • Can hold 400 pairs of earplugs
  • Easy to mount or can be used on a tabletop

SKU ~ LS-400
Howard Leight®
Plastic Dispenser Only
(No Earplugs Included)
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