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Hand Specific Bulk Glove Bin

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Hand Specific
Bulk Glove Bin
Our glove bins serve as safe locations to store gloves. The bins on this page are designed for bulk gloves, and they're hand specific, which means they separate left from right. With the separation, these bins make it easy to store bulk gloves for each hand.

Workers can quickly grab a glove for each hand and get to work. Since these are large bins, they're designed to be used in a freestanding position. They're made out of clear acrylic, so you don't have to guess when the bins need to be refilled.

The plastic acrylic is easy to see through, but it's also great for protection. It will keep all of your gloves safe from contamination and prevent them from falling onto the floor. Each unit is large enough to handle a large amount of gloves, and since there is no lid, you can fill each bin within seconds.

Once you have a few of these bins set up inside of your workplace, it will be much easier for workers to grab a pair of gloves. Gloves are important because they prevent contamination from spreading while reducing waste. If you don't have other ways to get gloves to your workers, these bins are up to the task.

  • Made out of clear acrylic
  • Freestanding design
  • Store bulk gloves in a single location
  • Hand-specific bins offer superior organization
  • Dimensions ~ 6-5/8" W X 11-1/8" H X 4-1/4" D D
  • Standard orders ship from Oregon in 1-2 days.
  • Large quantity orders ship in approximately 5-7 days.

SKU ~ AK-1401
Hand Specific
Bulk Glove Bin


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