Hand Held Safety Flags 24 inch flag, 36 inch handle

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Hand Held Safety Flags
24 inch flag
36 inch handle
Our handheld safety flags are great for crowd control, but they can be used for a variety of other purposes. The flags on this page feature a bright orange color, and since they have a 36-inch handle, it's easy to position them in a way that makes them highly visible.

The flag is 24 inches square, and with such a long handle, you'll have no trouble achieving the highest level of visibility. If 24 inches is too large we have smaller versions available. These safety flags are made of bright orange material, so it's easy to see them from a distance.

The material is solid and durable, so you don't have to worry about purchasing a new flag every week. These handheld safety flags are made with a heavy-duty vinyl material, and for maximum visibility, the material is colored a bright fluorescent orange. These flags are commonly used for parking and crowd control, and in some situations, they're used by heavy-equipment workers. Every flag can be attached to an oversized truck load, so it's much easier for motorists to avoid colliding with the load. You can even attach them to road signs.
  • Can increase visibility of large objects
  • Great for parking and crowd control
  • Can be used to mark oversized loads
  • Increase visibility of almost any object
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Hand Held Safety Flags
24 inch flag
36 inch handle


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