Glove Guard Hard Hat Grabber

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Glove Guard Hard Hat Hat Grabber

When working in a dangerous environment, you need to be able to trust that your hard hat will not fall off. It’s very important to make sure your hard hat is secured because it can’t dissipate impact energy when it doesn’t fit correctly.  Anyone that wears a hard hat at work knows how easily the hard hat can come off when leaning over.  These Hard Hat Grabbers attach to the back of your existing hard hat suspension and greatly improves the fit and security of your hard hat.  

The Hard Hat Grabber is a soft and pliable material with dimples that help create a better fit for the hard hat. The Gripper is comfortable and easy to install.  The Hat grabber leverages the shape of the suspension to the contours of your skull for a better fit. So, when you lean over the hard hat does not come off.  Your hard hat will not protect you when it is not on your head.  The Hard Hat Grabber offers a simple, inexpensive, and effective solution.



  • Very soft and pliable
  • Reduces Neck Strain and Discomfort
  • Simple to Install
  • Delivers universal fit for most hard hat types
  • Comfortable enough to wear for the longest shifts
SKU ~ HG10   Glove Guard Hard Hat Grabber


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