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Glove Guard Clip Yellow Color

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Glove Guards keep em handy!
Glove Guard Clips
Yellow Color
We stock a variety of Glove Guard clips, so you can choose from several different colors. The clips are available in assorted colors, so you can choose from yellow, red, High Vis Pink, purple, granite, green, blue, black and more. Our Glove Guard clips are popular products because they make it easy for workers to keep gloves on them.

When you have a convenient way to carry your work gloves around the workplace, you're much more likely to use them. The additional convenience keeps workers productive and prevents injuries. These clips are designed to attach to your belt loop, but they can be attached to many other garments.

According to some of the latest testing, the Glove Guard clips are capable of reducing hand injuries in a typical workplace by up to 96 percent. In fact, many facilities have made these clips mandatory pieces of equipment for workers. Since they're dielectric, these clips are ideal for electrical, maintenance, construction and automotive industries.

They're made in the United States and can be purchased in several different colors. Each clip even has a breakaway safety feature, so when 15 pounds of pressure or more is placed on the clip, it will break away, which can prevent serious injuries.
  • Available in several different colors
  • Made in the United States
  • Built-in safety feature
  • Ideal for maintenance, construction and electrical applications
  • Can dramatically reduce recordable hand injuries in most workplaces
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Glove Guard Clips
Yellow Color


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