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Glove Dispenser Clear- One Size Fits All

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Glove Dispenser
One Size Fits All
If you've browsed our website, you'll see that we carry several different types of glove dispensers. The products featured on this page provide convenient protection, but they're also important for reducing contamination and waste. Since you can mount these dispensers to the wall, you should have no trouble finding somewhere to install them.

You also have the option of using them as freestanding units, which means they can be placed on a counter or tabletop. These units are designed to fit almost any décor, so they'll blend into most work environments. These glove dispensers are commonly used for the food service, industrial, dental and medical industries.

They're designed to accommodate all manufacturer sizes, so they're capable of storing several different types of gloves. Every unit can hold packaged or boxed gloves and will dispense the gloves one at a time.

When it comes to reducing waste and preventing contamination, gloves are essential tools. If workers don't have easy access to gloves, then they're unlikely to wear them and risk spreading contamination. The dispensers on this page are great for getting gloves to the workers who need them.

  • Keep gloves accessible
  • Reduce contamination and waste
  • Can be mounted to a wall
  • Can even be used in freestanding position
  • Ideal for the food service, dental, industrial and medical industries
  • Dimensions ~ 6-5/8" W X 11-1/8" H X 4-1/4" D D
  • Standard orders ship from Oregon in 1-2 days.
  • Large quantity orders ship in approximately 5-7 days.

SKU ~ AK-777
Glove Dispenser
One Size Fits All


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