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MCR Crews Frostbite II Safety Glasses Frost Frame w/ Indoor Outdoor Lens

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This variant of the Frostbite Storm II™ safety glasses feature a Frost Frame and Indoor Outdoor Lens. This lens tint option offers protection for indoor as well as outdoor situations. While the tint does not change when walking in or out of direct daylight, it does offer a lens that is darker than a clear, and lighter than a smoke lens. Great for the person that is "on the go".

If you need a pair of glasses that delivers superior style and protection, the Frostbite II™ products are great products to consider. These glasses represent the second version of the original Frostbite spectacles. The lenses in these glasses are made to resist scratches and will prevent most UV rays from reaching your eyes. 

The reliable Duramass® coating is applied to every lens and delivers protection against scratches and harmful ultraviolet radiation. The spatula temples help to improve comfort, fit and style.

These glasses have a smaller frame size, so they can fit smaller faces. With a two-piece polycarbonate lens design, the Frostbite Storm II™ glasses let you see objects in your environment very clearly. If you’re looking for safety glasses that are just as protective as they are stylish, the Frostbite Storm II products are worth considering.
  • Duramass® lens coating resists scratches
  • Polycarbonate lens is rugged and blocks UV rays from the sun
  • Spatula temples increase enhance comfort and fit
  • Smaller frame fits smaller faces
  • Two-piece polycarbonate lens design lets you see clearly
  • Exclusive Duramass  scratch-resistant coating
  • Complies with ANSI Z87.1 Safety Standards.
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Frostbite Storm II Safety Glasses
Frost Frame and Indoor Outdoor Lens


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