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Frock Dispenser - 2 Openings At Base

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Frock Dispenser
2 Openings At Base
Our frock dispensers can be installed in virtually any workplace and provide convenient access to the frocks that workers need. The frock dispensers on this page have two openings at the base, so they keep the products accessible for workers.

Although they're commonly used for frock storage, these dispensers can also be used to hold hair nets, clothing and booties. They have a large capacity, so you can store large quantities of products inside of them. The frock dispensers are extremely functional and aesthetically pleasing.

In other words, they look as good as they function. With an angled lid, they don't take long to load with products. To make it easier to remove products, there are openings at the base. The sides of the dispensers are white, and the front is clear, so it's easy to determine when the frock dispensers need to be refilled.

Although they're quite large, these frock dispensers can be mounted to a wall, or you can use them in a freestanding position. The frock dispensers are great for storing frocks, but they can be used to store a variety of other products. They feature a convenient design, superior style and excellent functionality.

  • Great for booties, frocks, clothing and hair nets
  • Features large capacity
  • Very functional and aesthetic
  • Angled lid makes loading products easier
  • Base openings make it easy to remove products
  • White sides and clear front
  • Dimensions ~ 22" W X 30" H X 15-1/2" D
  • Standard orders ship from Oregon in 1-2 days.
  • Large quantity orders ship in approximately 5-7 days.

SKU ~ AK-1485
Frock Dispenser
2 Openings At Base


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