Foam Earplug Dispenser Box Rack w/Anti-spill Tray

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Foam Earplug Dispenser
Box Rack
With Anti-spill Tray
In many worksites, ear plugs are vital pieces of safety equipment. By blocking loud noises from entering the ear drum, they help to preserve your hearing and allow you to stay productive. Unfortunately, many employers don't place ear plugs in an accessible location.

This is a major problem because the plugs cannot be used for protection if they're not accessible. A few of our foam earplug dispenser box racks with anti-spill trays can be used to solve this problem. You can place these dispensers anywhere, and they'll provide clean plugs to the workers who need them.

These products have several great features to offer. For starters, they can be mounted to a wall, which greatly increases the accessibility. Each unit can hold up to 200 pairs of foam plugs. Unlike some of our other products, these dispensers have Velcro brand grab straps, which hold the plugs securely in place.

The straps are quite large, so you might need to cut off some of the excess material. If you decide to purchase these dispensers, you get special foam tape included. The tape is designed with holes for screws, so you'll find that the dispensers are much easier to mount.
  • Removable plastic tray makes cleaning easier
  • Velcro brand mounting straps secure each dispenser in place
  • Store up to 200 pairs of foam earplugs
  • Special foam tape included
  • Anti-spill tray prevents plugs from spilling over
SIZE 11.75" High x 10.5" Wide x 11.5" Deep

TRAY SIZE 2.5" High x 10.5" Wide x 6.75" Deep
SKU ~ RE4001
Foam Earplug Dispenser
Box Rack
With Anti-spill Tray


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