EYEWEAR Clips for Hard Hats (All Colors)

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EYEWEAR Clips for Hard Hats
Virtually every job in existence has several parts to it, and a common part of many jobs consists of writing things down. It might be difficult to imagine construction workers needing to write things down, but in the real world, it’s a common occurrence. Construction workers have safety checklists that they’re required to follow, and there are many situations that require a pen or marker.

This also holds true for many other occupations that require workers to wear hard hats. The problem is that most hard hats aren’t designed to carry pens or markers. ERB Eyewear clips for hard hats are the solution to this problem. We carry these clips in five popular colors. For environments that could use some additional visibility, you might want to consider our Hi-Viz orange color.

For all other situations, our yellow, white, pink and black colors should work great. ERB hard hat safety clips can be mounted to a hard hat, and since each clip is contoured, it has no trouble sticking to a regular hard hat. These clips come with a strong adhesive tape, which is used to attach the clips to a hard hat. Every clip opens up, so it can hold items that have a diameter of about ¾ of an inch.

While these clips can easily hold larger pens or markers, they’re also good at holding small pencils, which are quite common in construction and engineering environments. After the clip is opened, and you’ve added an item, the clip quickly snaps shut and holds the item firmly within its grasp.

ERB hard hat safety clips are ideal for holding markers, pens and pencils, but they’re just as effective for holding safety glasses and similar items. These clips are small enough to be discreet and can be extremely useful in the right work environments. For low-light environments, you’ll want to consider the Hi-Viz orange clips, and for all other environments, our other top colors should work well.
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