ERB Economy Safety Bump Caps (All Colors)

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ERB Economy Safety Bump Caps

The ERB Economy safety bump caps don’t provide nearly as much protection as our ERB hard hats, but they’re still useful for a wide range of applications. You can purchase these bump caps in seven popular colors, and each cap is designed to fit most adults.

Unlike our hard hats, the ERB bump caps offer protection against minor bruises, bumps and lacerations. They’re designed for environments that don’t require certified safety helmets. Molded from durable, high-density polyethylene material, these bump caps can take a beating while protecting your head against minor bumps.

With a 4-point pin lock suspension, you get great adjustability, so it’s easy to get the perfect fit. When you’re working in hazardous work environments, you shouldn’t have to spend too much time adjusting your cap, and the 4-point pin lock suspension lets you make quick adjustments.

Weighing in at only 7.5 ounces, these caps are lightweight and comfortable. The 4-point pin lock suspension is made of plastic but can withstand plenty of abuse. The ERB Economy bump caps are very popular because they provide excellent ventilation. With tiny holes on the sides, these caps increase ventilation and help to cool you off while working in hot environments.

If you need protection for low-risk work areas, these bump caps are great products to consider. Each cap is designed to fit most adults, but it’s important to remember that these caps aren’t ANSI certified, so they don’t protect against glancing or falling objects. If you need better protection, consider our ERB full brim or cap style hard hats.

Features Include:
  • Pin lock suspension makes size adjustments quick and easy
  • Perfect for use in food processing, meat packing, pest control and automotive industries
  • Comes with removable brow pad
  • Perforated sides deliver superior ventilation and work well for hot environments
  • Made from dense polyethylene
  • Choose from seven top colors
  • Lightweight. Only 7.5 Ounces.
  • Four point adjustable plastic suspension
  • Maximum air circulation over wearer's head
  • Fits most adults
  • Great for low risk work area's
Made in the USA


Bump caps do not meet ANSI Z89.1 and are not to be worn for protection from falling or glancing objects

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Economy Safety Bump Caps

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