ERB Boonie Hats ~ ORANGE Color

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ERB Boonie Hats
(ORANGE Color)
The ERB Boonie hats are ideal for outdoor workers. There are times when it can be a lot of fun, but outdoor work can also be very dangerous. Heat exhaustion is a common problem that workers must confront. Landscapers and construction workers know about this problem all too well. Our ERB Boonie hats are the solution to the problem of hot work conditions.

Since these boonie hats are made with bright colors, they help to increase your visibility and safety. If you’re not visible in the workplace, then you’re at risk for serious injury. Our HI-VIZ boonie hats even come with vents, so you can stay even cooler while working in hot environments.

Every boonie hat is made with a full brim, so it helps to protect your face from ultraviolet rays and direct sunlight. If you want to increase your visibility and reduce the risk of heat exhaustion, a boonie hat is a great investment. The 360-degree brim wraps around the entire hat, so it helps to keep direct sunlight off of your face and shoulders.

The boonie hats are also perforated and have breathable mesh holes. The purpose of the holes is to allow your body heat to drain away while allowing cool air to flow in. Our ERB boonie hats are great for work, home or play. You can get a lime hat with orange band, but the orange with a lime band is also a great choice.
Features Include:
  • Made of durable polyester material
  • A 24-inch shell makes the boonie caps fit most users
  • Can be washed like regular garments
  • Reflective tape is applied to the upper color band on each hat
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ERB Hi Viz
Boonie Hats
(ORANGE Color)


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