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Elk River NoPac Shock Absorbing Lanyard 6 foot, Twin Legs

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Elk River
Shock Absorbing Lanyard
Six Foot
Twin Legs
On this page, you'll find our Elk River® NoPac™ shock-absorbing lanyards. With a six-foot length, they comply with OSHA. These reliable lanyards have a standard hook on each end, and they're designed to take the energy out of an accidental fall.

They're suitable for almost any worksites but shouldn't be used in high-heat environments. With a bigger diameter than several other types of lanyards, these products are better for heavy-duty applications. The standard hooks make these lanyards easy to attach to anchors or D-rings.

Once attached to the D-ring on a safety harness, these lanyards protect workers against deadly falls. With a shock-absorption feature, they nullify the energy produced by a fall and prevent serious injury. They're made from flexible polyester rope, and the connectors on each end can be attached to a fall arrestor or anchor.

According to OSHA regulations, the maximum limit for free fall is six feet, which is why these lanyards are designed with a six-foot length. There are some exceptions, but for most industries, the limit for free fall is set at six feet. These lanyards feature the perfect length, and they're commonly used for tower climbing and aerial lift work.

  • Has a six-foot length
  • Built-in shock absorption
  • Absorbs energy from a fall and protects workers from injury
  • Standard hooks on each end
  • Adjustable Length
SKU ~ 35346
Elk River
Shock Absorbing Lanyard
6 Foot
Twin Legs
Adjustable Length
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