DuPont TYVEK Nonwoven Fiber Coveralls Standard Suit With Zipper Front - SINGLE UNIT - Size 3X

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pr-TY120S- Size 3X
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Nonwoven Fiber Coveralls

SINGLE UNIT size 3X-Large

Now available for sales in single unit quantities.  No need to buy a full case when you only need a few suits.

These coveralls are made with a spun-bonded olefin material, which offers protection in a variety of industrial applications. The DuPont TYVEK™ nonwoven coveralls deliver a great mixture of strength and comfort. They can protect your inner garments against light splash situations and can even protect against several types of dry particulates. These coveralls are frequently worn for protection against radioactive dust, lead dust and asbestos.  The DuPont TYVEK™ nonwoven fiber coveralls are frequently used for painting, food processing, general maintenance, and the medical field.  According to various tests, TYVEK™ clothing maintains a strong level of barrier protection when subjected to flexing and abrasion. These coveralls will retain their shape while the wearer is bending or kneeling.

Since these coveralls are very comfortable, they can be worn for long periods of time.  The material is lightweight, and comfortable. You should find it easy to get used to wearing the DuPont TYVEK™ nonwoven fiber coveralls.

  • Available in several different sizes
  • Made of spun-bonded olefin
  • Great for applications like painting, food processing and general maintenance
  • Material is comfortable, breathable and lightweight
  • Single units for people not needing full cases
Du Pont™ and Tyvek®
Are trademarks or registered trademarks of
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SKU ~ pr-TY120S-3X-Large
DuPont TYVEK Nonwoven Fiber Coveralls
Zipper Front
Sizing Information:
Small   34-36
Medium   38-40
Large   42-44
XL   46-48
2XL   50-52
3XL   54-56
4XL   58-60
5XL   62-64



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