Dewalt Protector Safety Glasses w/ FF Clear Lens

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The Protector's streamlined design is perfect protective wear for both men and women

These variant of the DeWalt™ Protector safety glasses have Clear Anti-fog Lenses , so they make it easier to see in bright conditions.

They’re great products for men and women, and they feature a streamlined design. To give the wearer maximum comfort, these glasses also have rubber tips.

The additional comfort provided by the tips lets you wear these safety glasses all day long. They also feature a sleek, lightweight design. With such a low weight, you might forget you’re even wearing them. The polycarbonate lens is made of durable material and can take a beating.

The lens is designed to eliminate distortion, so you always know that what you’re looking at is a true representation of the environment, which is especially important in dangerous settings. Since the smoke lens tint blocks out bright light, it prevents eye fatigue that is caused by bright light.

If you’re looking for glasses that provide a secure, comfortable fit, these DeWalt™ safety glasses are top products to consider. They weigh less than one ounce and can increase safety while working. They also deliver the impact resistance needed to preserve your vision.

  • Weighs less than one ounce
  • Made with a durable polycarbonate lens
  • Lens doesn’t create distortions
  • Sleek design
  • Temples are rubber tipped
  • Lightweight
  • Polycarbonate lens
  • Distortion free lens
  • Complies with ANSI Z87.1 Safety Standards
  • Provides a secure, comfortable fit
  • Allows for a perfect fit ensuring worker compliance
  • Weighs less than one ounce
  • Offers impact resistance
  • No eye fatigue
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DeWALT Protector Safety Glasses
Clear Anti-fog Lens


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