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MCR Crews Desperado Safety Glasses w/ Indoor Outdoor Lens

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These Crews Desperado® safety glasses provide a stylish look and exceptional impact protection. This lens variant has a black frame and Indoor Outdoor Lens. The Indoor - Outdoor lenses offers protection for indoor as well as outdoor situations. While the tint does not change when walking in or out of direct daylight, it does offer a lens that is darker than a clear, and lighter than a smoke lens. Great for the person that is "on the go".

With a wraparound lens, these glasses make it easy to see the surrounding environment, and there is nothing that will obstruct your view. The single lens gives you two optical centers and has been designed to withstand the toughest work environments.

A frameless floating lens provides excellent coverage and doesn’t weigh too much. The floating lens is particularly useful for applications that require the wearer to have a large field of sight. The Crews Desperado® safety glasses have bayonet temples, so they’re much more comfortable than some of the other products that we carry.

With a strong nylon frame, these glasses are great for even the most challenging situations. The lens has been treated with a Duramass® coating, so it resists scratches and filters ultraviolet radiation.

The nose piece is made of soft gel, so it’s comfortable and supportive. The Desperado temples sleeves are also made of gel. If you frequently work outside, you’re constantly exposed to ultraviolet radiation. Without protection, your eyes can sustain damage. The Crews Desperado® safety glasses protect against UV radiation and meet Z87.1 safety standards.

  • Nose piece made of soft gel
  • Temple sleeves also made of comfortable gel
  • Duramass® coating protects lens from scratches
  • Bayonet temples increase comfort
  • Floating lens design useful for many applications
  • Lightweight nylon frame
  • Filters out 99% of U.V. radiation
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI Z87.1 safety standards
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Crews Desperado Safety Glasses

Black Frame - Indoor Outdoor Lens



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