Cotton Knit Glove w/ Dipped Blue Rubber on one side (Sold by Dozen) All Sizes

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Cotton Knit Glove
With Dipped Blue Rubber On One Side


Note This part number has been changed.  The old #K57PM now shows #39-C122 on the packaging

The cotton knit gloves on this page have one side that has been dipped in blue rubber, so they're much more durable than products that haven't been dipped. The blue PVC rubber forms a protective barrier and can block moisture. It makes it possible to use these gloves for many applications that they wouldn't normally be used for. Made from polyester and cotton, these are some of our top gloves.

The blue latex on the palm of each glove significantly improves grip and prolongs the life of the glove. Since it improves grip, the latex makes it easier to pick up and carry various objects. These gloves have a base that is made of cotton string knit, and for even more protection, they have knit wrists.

The wrists are useful because they prevent unwanted particles from entering the gloves. Each glove is made from a blend of polyester and cotton. The material consists of 30 percent polyester and 70 percent cotton.

You can purchase these gloves in sizes for men or women, and they're designed to expand to fit most hand sizes. If you're looking for great products and don't want to pay too much, these gloves are worth considering. They're suitable for assembly, material handling, refrigerated areas and general industrial work.

Features and Notes
  • Palm dipped in blue latex for better grip and durability
  • Base glove design consists of cotton string knit
  • Made of 30 percent polyester and 70 percent cotton
  • Expands to fit most hands sizes
  • Great for men and women

  • Comes in Mens and Womens sizes
  • Prices shown are per dozen
  • Available in singles and small quantities: Click Here
  • General Industrial Work
  • Refrigerated Areas
  • General Maintenance
  • Material Handling
  • Assembly
  • Agricultural
  • Maintenance
Cotton Knit Glove
With Dipped Blue Rubber On One Side
(Sold by Dozen)


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