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Elk River EZE Man 36 inch Tie Off Sling

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Elk River
EZE Man™
36 inch Tie Off Sling
The Elk River® EZE Man™ 36-inch tie-off sling is an integral part of fall protection. The purpose of these slings is to connect to lanyards and safety harnesses. They're made with strong polyester and nylon web, so you can trust the quality of the materials.

With a D-Ring on each end, these slings are easy to connect to important components. Every year, over 100,000 workers are injured in falls. Studies show that a large percentage of these injuries can be prevented with proper fall protection.

Many workers don't realize that they're dealing with a silent hazard. Falls are the leading causes of deaths in many workplaces, and if a fall doesn't kill you, it has the potential to paralyze you and leave permanent damage. It's very important for employers to pay attention to fall protection because fall injuries are costing employers billions of dollars.

The Elk River® EZE Man™ 36-inch tie-off slings are important parts of fall protection, and they integrate with lanyards and safety harnesses. All fall protection equipment degrades over time, but since these slings are made of polyester and nylon, they're designed to last longer than many of the alternatives.

  • Designed to be used with safety harnesses and lanyards
  • Made of strong polyester and nylon material
  • 36-inch design
  • D-Ring attached to each end
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Elk River
EZE Man™
36 inch Tie Off Sling
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