Chemmax 1 Coveralls with Elastic Wrists and Ankles (25 per case) ~ Size Medium

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"ChemMax 1
Whether you are in manufacturing, environmental clean up or chemical handling, you can trust the ChemMax 1™ family of products to protect your workers from harm.
The CHEMMAX 1™ coveralls with elastic wrists and ankles are great for manufacturing work but can even be used for chemical handling or environmental cleanup. CHEMMAX™ produces protective gear that can be trusted. The coveralls are designed to protect workers from chemical exposure, and they’re made from materials that resist chemicals.

If you need to protect your workers from harmful chemicals the CHEMMAX 1™ coveralls are top products. These products deliver the perfect combination of durability and quality. They’re sure to please plant purchasing managers, safety engineers and distributors. The CHEMMAX™ coveralls are produced from a polyethylene barrier film and have a continuous filament of polypropylene.

These garments offer protection against a number of contaminants, and they will prevent chemicals from penetrating your inner clothing. Since they have elastic wrists and ankles, they offer better coverage than several other types of coveralls. By protecting your ankles and wrists, these coveralls make it possible to work in many more environments than you could with basic coveralls.

We carry these garments in cases of 25, so if you decide to make a purchase, you’ll have coveralls for the entire workforce. Harmful chemicals can cause a number of problems when they’re allowed to touch your skin, so it’s important to have the right protection against them.

  • Choose from several different sizes
  • 25 garments per case
  • Built from unique polyethylene barrier film
  • Contains continuous filament polypropylene nonwoven
  • Prevents harmful contaminants from penetrating inner garments
SKU ~ C1S417-MED
Chemmax 1 Coveralls
with Elastic Wrists and Ankles
(25 per case) ~ Size Medium
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Sizing Chart
Height Weight(lbs) Size
6'8" 240-300 4XL
6'6" 220-300 3XL/4XL
6'4" 180-280 2XL/3XL
6'2" 160-250 XL/2XL
6' 160-250 XL/2XL
5'10" 130-200 L/XL
5'8" 130-220 L/XL
5'6" 110-200 M/L
5'4" 110-180 S/M
5'2" 110-180 S/M
5' 110-140 S
This chart is a guide for garment selection, but proper fit varies with individual body shape and under-clothing.

Test for proper garment fit before use.

Garment performance depends on selecting appropriate size.


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