Boot & Glove Drying Rack, Black, Holds 1pr. Boots & 1pr. Gloves

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Boot and Glove Drying Rack
Black Color
Holds 1 pair of Boots and 1 pair of Gloves
Boot and glove dryer for home and travel.
When work conditions get tough, you might find that your boots and gloves have been soaked with water. A long shift in heavy rain can leave all of your garments drenched in water. If you need a convenient way to dry your gear, consider the boot and glove drying racks on this page.

Since the racks are black, they can blend in with your décor. Each rack is capable of holding a single pair of boots and gloves. By placing these racks over hotel or home heating vents, you can quickly dry your boots and gloves.

The racks are designed to keep your gear far enough away from the heat source that they're able to dry gently. Depending on the situation, these racks can be converted or home or hotel use. To make the conversion, you must slide out the rear brace, turn it over and reinsert it.

Our boot and glove drying racks are lightweight and can fit into a standard suitcase, which makes them great for frequent travelers. By drying your boots and gloves on these racks, you can dramatically reduce odor caused by mildew. These racks are safe to use with all types of glove and boot materials. They're great for plastic, cloth, vinyl, rubber, PVC and leather materials.
  • Reduce odor
  • Dry your boots and gloves at home or in a hotel
  • Lightweight and will fit into standard suitcase
  • Great for all types of gloves and boots
  • Made of flexible plastic and tough steel
  • No moving parts to worry about
3.5" High x 9" Wide x 5" Deep
SKU ~ RE1132

Boot and Glove Drying Rack
Black Color
Holds 1 pair of Boots

and 1 pair of Gloves


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