8oz Cotton Canvas with Dots Gloves (Sold by Dozen) Womens Size

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8 Ounce
Cotton Canvas Gloves with Dots
Womens Size
These gloves are made out of cotton canvas material, and they have dots. We sell them in packs of 12 pairs, and they're very similar to our plain canvas gloves. However, there are some slight differences. The biggest difference is that these gloves have a PVC dotted palm.

The purpose of the dots is to provide the wearer with better holding and gripping power. Standard canvas gloves can be quite slippery and make it difficult to hold boxes or large items. The PVC dots that have been added to these gloves make it much easier to grip large objects, so they're particularly useful for construction, material handling, general maintenance, refrigerated areas and industrial work.

They'll even work well for agricultural and gardening work. We carry these gloves in sizes for men and women, and the price that is displayed on this page is for a pack of 12 pairs. They're made with eight ounces of cotton and designed to provide a better grip.

They make it much easier for workers to carry large boxes. When used for gardening, they make it much easier to grip tools. If you're looking for an affordable, high-quality pair of gloves, these are top products to consider.
Features and Notes
  • Great for material handling, general industrial work and construction
  • Sold in sizes for men and women
  • Made with eight ounces of cotton
  • PVC dots make it easier to get a grip on boxes and large objects

  • Available in Men's and Women's sizes.
  • Prices shown are per dozen
  • Available in singles and small quantities: Click Here
  • General Industrial Work
  • Refrigerated Areas
  • General Maintenance
  • Material Handling
  • Construction
  • Agricultural
  • Gardening/Outdoor uses
SKU ~ 780w-Womens
8 Ounce
Cotton Canvas Gloves
with Dots
(Sold by Dozen)
Womens Size


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