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6-Piece Ambu Res-Cue CPR Mask Kit

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Ambu Res-Cue
CPR Mask Kit
The six-piece AMBU Res-Cue™ CPR mask kit can provide rescue breathing to any patient. It's suitable for ant age group and has the potential to save lives. It's also frequently used with a resuscitator. This mask is a great product to own and have during an emergency situation.

It protects the rescuers and prevents them from having to make direct contact with a patient's face, nose and mouth. Depending on the situation, a rescuer might be hesitant to start resuscitation. The six-piece AMBU Res-Cue™ CPR mask kit eliminates the hesitation and makes it easier for rescuers to start resuscitation immediately.

The mask comes with a transparent dome, so the rescuer can constantly check the patient's lip color. The dome also makes it easy to check the patient for vomitus. Since it's made out of material that doesn't contain any latex, it can be used by most people.

The mask kit is made of durable plastic, so it's easy to clean and offers a long shelf life. Each kit includes instructions, alcohol prep pads, exam-quality vinyl gloves and CPR mouth barrier. The barrier features a transparent dome.
  • Protects rescuers during CPR
  • Prevents direct contact between rescuer and patient
  • Comes with everything needed to perform proper CPR
  • Great for emergency situations
  • Made of durable plastic and doesn't contain latex
  • (1) CPR mouth barrier w/transparent dome
  • (2) Exam quality vinyl gloves, 1 pair
  • (2) Alcohol prep pads
  • (1) Instructions
  • Kit Dimensions: 9" x 8-3/8" x 2-1/2"
  • Usually ships in 1-3 days from Washington (State)
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Ambu Res-Cue
CPR Mask Kit


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