3m9210+ Series Flat Fold N95 Respirator (20 per box)

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3m-logo.gif 3m9210+ Series
Flat Fold N95 Respirators
(20 per box)
The 3M® 9210+ Series N95 respirators are available in boxes of 20 units. With a flat fold design, these products offer greater versatility than some of our other masks. If you're looking for the perfect combination of convenience and comfort, these masks could be exactly what you need.

They feature a three-panel design and provide ANSI N95 protection against non-oil particulates. For greater convenience, these respirators are packaged individually, so they can be pulled out and used within seconds. A compact design makes these face masks easy to carry inside of a glove compartment, pocket or purse.

You never know when you'll find yourself in an infected public location, and these respirators will deliver the protection that you need to avoid infection. They're designed to block a wide range of debris and work very well against pollen and dust. When compared with some of the other products on the market, the 3M® 9210 masks provide improved breathing protection.

With a three-panel design, these respirators are very difficult to collapse, so they're great for the toughest conditions. The interior of each mask is soft and comfortable. Adjustable nose clips let you get the perfect fit. When you need protection against harmful airborne particles, the 3M® 9210 respirators offer inexpensive, reliable protection.
  • Soft and comfortable interior
  • Compatible with earplugs and safety glasses
  • Two straps for tight fit
  • ANSI N95 approved
  • Three-panel design is unlikely to collapse
  • Protects against many types of airborne particles
  • NIOSH Approval Number TC-84A-0007

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3m9210+ Series
Flat Fold N95 Respirators
(20 per box)
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